Summer announces itself with the wonderful apple blossom. Linger between numerous vines at our quiet, heated outdoor pool on sunny, warm days. Nearby, there is a children’s playground for our small guests. Enjoy an aperitif and simply forget the time. Be it on the inviting terrace with view of the Adige valley or a short excursion to the spa town of Merano with its colorful variety at only a few minutes that you can comfortably reach by bus (bus stop at 300m), a visit of the Botanical Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle or a leisurely hike on Merano’s high plateaus – there are innumerable possibilities waiting for you.



Nearly no gradients, but lots of views instead – there is a reason why our hiking paths attract nature lovers from all over the region. The Marlengo irrigation channel path with its rippling water that takes you along Marlengo’s mountain slopes is very popular with pleasure hikers. The Marlengo irrigation channel path is the longest of its kind: You can enjoy the tranquility, the views and the beautiful landscapes on 13 km.

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Discovering the area step by step while hiking is a wonderful way to be active – but you can simply get further more quickly by bike. So get on your mountain bike and discover South Tyrol by bike!

A landscape could hardly be more idyllic. Biking in South Tyrol means casual rides alongside orchards in blossom and through wide valleys, but also more demanding downhill trails or climbing the Dolomite passes following the route of Giro d'Italia.

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Merano’s old town offers many shopping possibilities. The old arcades from the 13th century, the historic Steinach borough, corso Libertà around Piazza della Rena and Bolzano gate are the center of shopping in Merano. Under the arcades, you will find Italian fashion boutiques and international chains next to historic shops. Some of Merano’s shops such as PUR Südtirol only sell regional products.


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